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"Don’t let your internal silos lead to a fragmented customer experience. Unify your customer-facing teams on one platform, so your customers can experience one unified brand.

Scale your customer service across 30+ digital and traditional channels — including voice — with self-service systems, AI bots, and one unified view of the customer.

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The Complete Solution - Technology & Smart People


Moving to Digital Channels and Self Service can be a tough first move, but...


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Listen to Vicky Tran discuss the importance of a single view to customer engagement

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Yes, this is the Modern Contact Center!


Serve customers faster with unified customer service powered by AI

The only Unified-CXM platform powered by industry-leading AI.

Sprinklr Service is powered by the most advanced, proprietary AI engine for the enterprise built on the only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform. 

It analyzes billions of conversations across the social, messaging, in-app, live chat, email, and voice channels your customers prefer, identifies intent and sentiment, and routes customers to the right support — all in real time.

"Your competition is doing the best they can to differentiate with self service"

– Frank Rogers at Arroyo360




Customer query resolution with Agent Assist and Self-service capabilities powered by Sprinklr AI+ 

OpenAI’s generative capabilities are seamlessly woven into Sprinklr Service workflows to ensure an intuitive and effortless user experience.

Equip agents with tools that improve response speed and accuracy

Empower agents to leverage Sprinklr AI+ to summarize customer conversations, extract answers from Knowledge Base, craft near-perfect responses and generate case transcripts for faster case resolution.

Augment Conversational Bots to improve speed and accuracy of response

Automate discovery of top contact drivers, intent creation and bot testing for faster go-live. Once live, auto-generate case summaries, multilingual copies and much more.

Effortlessly build and maintain your Knowledge Base

Leverage Generative AI to auto-expand bullet points to articles, search within and across articles to identify answers, summarize and auto-translate content.


9 out of the top 10 most valuable brands trust Sprinklr


Drive better outcomes with Sprinklr Service

Sprinklr Service is fuelled by the most advanced, sophisticated AI engine built for the enterprise – analysing billions of conversations in real time, identifying intent and sentiment, and routing customers to the right resource at the right time.



Help customers help themselves 

  • Listen to the voice of the customer proactively
  • Engage with your customers on channels they prefer
  • Identify and address the key contact drivers
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Know what your customers need

  • Listen to the voice of the customer proactively
  • Engage with your customers on channels they prefer
  • Identify and address the key contact drivers

Resolve customer issues at the first contact


  • Route cases to the right agents 
  • Boost agent productivity with 3a 60-degree customer view
  • Reduce resolution time with AI-powered assistance

Customer Success is where it is at!

“We find Sprinklr invaluable at Be The Match. I use it every day, all day long, and I think without it, I don’t think any of us would really be able to do our job as well as we can. We’re able to make sure that we can respond to every single message, every single question. Every one of those messages is important because any one of those people could be a potential lifesaver in the future.”

Sarah Middleton

Social Media Specialist, Be The Match

”Once we got Sprinklr, it really opened up the floodgates. My team focuses on identifying the queries to catch, then we allow the technology to surface the mentions for us to engage with. That’s the power of Sprinklr — with the right people in place, the opportunities are endless.”

Sabrina Callahan

VP, Ecommerce, Sam’s Club

“AI+ acts like a personal assistant, allowing our social media care reps to have meaningful conversations, while ensuring we’re being consistent in messaging, tone, character count for certain channels, etc. AI provides suggestions, but we maintain full control of community engagement and social listening reports.”

Kara Seymour

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Reputation Manager, Planet Fitness


Why Sprinklr & Arroyo360

Industry leading Sprinklr technology PLUS:

CX Frameworks for driving conversion & engagement

Engineers to help Integrate Sprinklr with Salesforce

Engineers to help Integrate Sprinklr with Dynamics

A Data team to help you visualize your Contact Center data with your operational and financial data

A Web team to help you weave your Contact Center into a powerful Customer Extranet

and a partner to help you succeed!

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Why do customers love Arroyo360?

Providing much needed clarity

Meeting our long term needs

Handling global needs

"In the end, Arroyo360 and team proved their value by ramping quickly, by challening us to think bigger, and by providing much needed clarity to our business challenges."

"At every step in the process, I knew I could trust Frank and Arroyo360 to help us make the best decision to meet our long term needs, while maintaining tight financial discipline"

From strategy to technology selection to go to market implementation, Frank and his team stayed aligned with our people to hit critical customer needs globally!"

Basile Senesi @ Fundbox

SVP Revenue Operations

Leslie Olsen @ C2FO


Desiree Martin @ ARGUS

VP Support Operations